The Sensitivity Doesn’t Go Both Ways

“The wicked flee when no one pursues them, but the Righteous are bold as a lion” Prov 28:1

Islam is an extremely sensitive religion. The Ummah cannot stand
anything that even remotely smacks of criticism. It flies into a rage
when cartoons are printed mocking their “prophet”. People have been
killed because of  false rumors spread about prison guards handling
Korans insensitively. The West is lectured constantly about the need to
be sensitive, in spite of the fact that Western societies have bent over
backwards to show ‘tolerance’ and sensitivity to our psychologically
fragile Muslim guests.

Why the extreme touchiness? I have a couple of possible theories:

1) Because of a cognitive dissonance. Muslims know deep in their
hearts they have a religion that they really ought to be ashamed of.
Muhammed was certainly someone NOT to emulate, and even though the
religion does desensatize the conscience, Muslims are still human
beings, with a God given sense of right and wrong.

2) Because it works. The more Islam demands, the more our craven
leaders defer. It would shock us had we been given a snapshot of how
much ground Islam has gained in the west since 9-11. Ramadan in the
White House, foot baths in airports, special meal breaks for meat
packing Somali’s in the Midwest…the list goes on and on of the
accommodations readily accepted by Muslims, who perhaps can’t believe
their good fortune at coming into the west in a time of multicultural
confusion and western self loathing.

3) I think it is also a strategy to constantly keep the civilized
world on the defensive, demanding that we assuage their “outrage”.
Muslim sensitivity is useful, it detracts from the real issues. Muslims,
after the Fort Hood massacre, didn’t have to re-examine the tenets of
their murderous religion, they immediately went on the offensive,
warning us not to be “IslamoPhobic” and feigning fear of the so called
“Back Lash” which has never, ever materialized.

But the sensitivity will not go the other way. The latest evidence
for that is the proposed thirteen story mosque, which will be erected
near ground zero, and scheduled to be dedicated on 9-11. (Coincidence?) To the families and the nation that was attacked on 9-11 by Islamic
terrorists, no sensitivity whatever is shown.

Remember that the mindset of Islamic terrorism is symbolic. Mosques
are usually constructed over former  churches or other religious sites.
Dates too are very important, always chosen with symbolic care. Shame
and humiliation  are also hugely important in the psychology of Islam.
The battle cry “Alla Akbar” does not mean as many suppose ,”Allah is
great”, but “Allah is greater”. Islam is a religion of comparison. It is
really important to these tiny people,that a Minaret be raised  on the
highest elevation of an infidel city, as a sign of conquest.

The only consolation I offer is that the real God knows and sees, a
careful reading of the prophets of the Bible will show that Islam is
only being fattened up for the coming judgment on her. Here are a series
of articles I wrote to verify this:
The Soon Coming Fate of Israel’s Near Neighbors
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What The Answer Will Look Like

Time to seek the Lord while He can be found and call upon him while He is near! Grace and Peace!

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