The Coming Test of Division…Satan desires to have us… part 1

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 For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.(Micah 7:6)
 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.(Matthew 10:35-36)

Jesus warned us of an extremely demanding test which would come upon the entire world, the effect of which would be strife and division even down to the level of enmity in each and every household.  This will be a universal test, Christians also will be severely tested by the Spirit of Division which is coming upon the world.

Humanly speaking, intense demands are put upon our society in the form of quite a few issues over the last several decades which I consider to be “Watershed” issues, they are so divisive that there is no possible compromise to be worked out over them without abandoning all conviction.

One outstanding example, in my view has come with the legalization of abortion. America has been torn since the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision, which imposed abortion on demand onto every one of the fifty United States. I believe we have been severely divided ever since and have never recovered our former unity.

There have been many challenges to the “law” which legalized the killing of the unborn,  through  movements such as Operation Rescue, as the Judeo Christian part of America sought to reverse this atrocity, whilst the atheistically influenced aspect of our society has clung desperately to the “Right”, and up till now has successfully resisted every attempt to repudiate the law.

Before 1973 , it was possible for Americans to disagree with those of the opposite political party, and to imagine that though misguided, Democrats and Republicans could still attribute to each other the benefit of the doubt that we all mean well, even if we differ.

But with the advent of abortion on demand, no compromise is possible with those of us who truly believe Life begins at conception. How could anyone committed on any level to the slaughter of children in the womb, ever be granted the benefit of the doubt?

This watershed is very similar to the issue of slavery in the mid 19th century.  What does a person who believes in the inherent dignity of man made in the image of God, have in common with a person fighting to preserve the buying and selling of human beings? It took a Civil War to resolve that issue in America.

We have witnessed America splinter into two very distinct body politics since 1973, to the point where we can no longer really believe the line in the patriotic Hymn, America the Beautiful, which says “…and crowned thy good with Brotherhood….”. We have been torn apart by an issue so extreme that there is no way to reconcile it.

What we have witnessed since 1973, and particularly in the last 20 years, has been the rapid succession of several other similar watershed issues which are so charged with emotion, or with moral incongruity that once again neutrality is impossible. We just can’t stretch far enough to accommodate these new issues, they are fracturing us even further than the abortion issue once did.

Now it is not just the body politic which has been split and wedged, but communities, and even families are being pulled apart, by issues which didn’t even exist 50 years ago, and wouldn’t have ever been considered by anybody.

How do people who recognize the validity of Marriage ever reconcile with the promotion of “gay marriage”? What to do with a “gay son” or daughter, who wants to impose a “partner” on the family? Does one merely learn to accept without judgment, thus denying ones principles?

Another divisive issue is “Climate Change”. There are those of us (I put myself in this category) who see in this issue a gigantic hoax, Government sponsored “research” to come up with findings which scare the populations of the World into willingly forking over voluminous taxes in order to fight ” climate change”, (which recently was global heating, but in the 1970s when I came of age, was “Global cooling” and the coming “Ice age”).

The young, however, are thoroughly propagandized and terrorized into thinking we have to save the planet, and that any Government means are acceptable to do so, no matter how confiscatory.

They do not have the ‘benefit’ of having already seen the TIME magazine cover warning of the new ICE Age to come,(1976) or of having read “The POPULATION BOMB” scenarios that were wildly popular in their time but eventually disproven. Many of us have seen this hoax before in a number of forms, and are unimpressed, but this terrifies and in some cases enrages the young.

So we have scenarios wherein families argue vociferously every time they get together.Young people are tempted to hate the parents who just don’t think the earth is on the verge of destruction. The propaganda they are filled with causes them to see us as greedy, exploitive, and insensitive. This pressure is so intense it is breaking us up.

To accept many of these new issues involves an exchange, a compromise at the cost of our very soul.I can’t accept homosexuality and the redefinition of marriage. Nor can I accept Islam, or any other false religion. Anyone who in any way supports abortion simply cannot be a good person, by definition!

Perhaps the most diabolical fault line constructed is along racial lines. The new racial theorists are pulling people apart at the seams, they are exploiting the innate sense of fair play and compassion of young people, imposing upon them a sense of guilt and shame, which is actually demonic.

I speak of “White Privilege”.

If there was ever a demon inspired way to divide people and to make sure reconciliation is nigh impossible, the critical race theorists have created it. How would I ever be able to relate to anyone, when my very existence carries the baggage of “privilege”. At the outset I owe a debt I can never repay, to every “person of color” I come across. I have somehow oppressed them just by existing.

Furthermore these doctrines are enticing and even corrupting to those who benefit by them. Who would want to accept a message of personal responsibility when you can be empowered to automatically assume the mantle of the moral higher ground, “victim status” no matter what your personal past reveals? I believe these doctrines have led directly to the violent street protests, the “Knockout game” and a host of other manifestations of violent intolerance across our land.

Somehow, even if homeschooled , young people pick this idea up and imbibe it, it seems to be in the air, and accepted as common knowledge.

We are all part of a racist system (That means you, Mom and Dad) and we all have to admit that we have wrongly benefitted at the expense of people of color everywhere. America is being torn apart at the seams, it is being destroyed and divided. Ironically America is the least racist place on the planet!

Sorry, I already have a religion, which gives me a true account of original sin, and offers me forgiveness and a system of redemption. I will never submit to any other, not even this new secular , hate filled religion which offers no redemption, or forgiveness, only rage on the one hand and craven fake guilt on the other.

A house divided cannot stand… . This is only going to get worse. We must pray for our families and seek ways to overcome these divisive traps that the enemy himself has lain for us. We can still heed the admonition in Romans 12, “Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good”.

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