The Chicago Kidnappers; How They Lost Their Soul…

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These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,  An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,  A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. (Proverbs 6:16-20)

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to truly be shocked by displays of depravity, we have to hand it to the four young African Americans in Chicago, they have pulled it off. I have to say, I am truly stunned by what they have allegedly done to a vulnerable human being!

Most people have read the frighteningly sordid account of their crime; how they gained the trust of an 18 year old young man, (described as “special needs), invited him over for a sleepover, then proceeded to force him to drink toilet water, cut him with knives, attempted to scalp him, tortured him with lit cigarettes for two days, binding him with what appears to be duct tape.

The heartless perpetrators, two young men and two young women, gleefully poured out upon the frightened young victim, their rage at white people, and their hatred of Donald Trump as he hopelessly pled and cried for mercy. They forced the traumatized young man to say “I love Black People”, and  “@#$% White People”, all the while laughing at his fear and hurt, as they streamed the whole ordeal on Facebook.

How did these young people lose their souls? How does anyone get to the point of  no empathy for an obviously child like fellow human being? What dark forces killed these young people’s humanity?

What strikes us also as outrageous, is that they could do this atrocity and seemingly have no sense that what they were doing was wrong in any way, so much so that they proudly streamed it on FaceBook, as though there is a ready made audience to “share” this with who would appreciate it without question.

I think this incident is one of those bellwether episodes, a frightening insight into a dark reality about where a significant portion of our population here in America has gone; These young people are obviously Demonized, and perhaps even possessed.

The reason Demon Possession is somewhat rare, in my view is because God has given all men, whether they are “Saved” or not, certain natural safeguards, spiritual walls in their own person, which allow us to function as free moral agents, responsible people capable of choosing good or evil, otherwise society would be an impossible Hell.

In order for people to become Demon possessed, those God given walls around the soul would have to be carefully dismantled. The inherent conscience, as well as the sense of human empathy, must be deadened in order for the “house to be emptied” and unclean spirits to enter into the person.

Usually this is done through exposure and participation in the  occult, or through sexual sin. Violence also will breakdown a person’s resistance to evil. A steady diet of hatred, propaganda, and lies will eventually cause one to succumb to evil, without even realizing it, as the nation of Germany did in the days of Hitler.

This break down of the self, occurs through  the constant nourishment of hatreds and resentments, combined with a false sense of “Righteousness” combined with a perpetual sense of “victimhood”, all combine to break down inhibitions, allowing people to treat other human beings in such a demonic way.

I would venture to say these four young African Americans are the products of our failed school systems, which have been infiltrated by leftists, who took over the schools saturating everything, but especially American history with an extremely slanted and divisive version of the past.

If these criminals learned anything in publicly funded school it was  that the founders of our nation were slave owners, and that a black man was officially counted as 2/5s of a person, and that Jim Crow and “institutional racism” has kept African Americans as victims to this very day.

Over and over again, into these young souls, the poisonous message is compounded, that ‘all of your problems, miseries and shortcomings are due to the white man’!

After the school has had its effect,  the music is “Rap” , which intensifies the deep resentment, hatred of whites, self pity, violent fantasies of hypocrites such as JayZ, NWA, Kanye West and others. A good many of these are deeply involved in the occult, Jay Z and his wife really are demon possessed, and these kids listen to them!

Hollywood only re-enforces the same narrative, ‘Whites don’t get it’, ‘they have profited at the expense of the poor black man’, and American history boils down to the simple theme, that America has always been racist, Christianity was part of the oppression, and the black man has been the perpetual victim. The “Black Victimization” genre in Hollywood is perhaps the most prolific, reinforcing the hatred from “Roots” to “The Help” and hundreds of  similar movies in between keep the hatred stewing.

The University and higher education are perhaps the most damaging, allowing reverse segregation, ethnic consciousness classes, and introducing truly divisive and hateful theories such as “White Privilege” , which makes it virtually impossible for true reconciliation.

“White Privilege” is the myth that whether or not I have ever personally been racist, I have benefitted by living in a racist society, at the expense of Blacks. It is like a great big helping of original sin , but without the hope of redemption!

Steeped in such hateful harmful heresy, and absolved of personal responsibility (when the issue of “hate crimes” was raised , a good many in the media proclaimed it impossible for a minority to be racist or to commit hate crimes!) These young people didn’t have a problem with their own depraved and cruel behavior.

It seems they have reprobated themselves, not even a consideration of the golden rule , (How would you feel if your were this young man?) penetrated their conscience.

See how this works?  The new righteousness is being a part of the victim class…this is how these demon possessed racists could go about their torture so happily and without a shred of empathy.

These kids, like the thousands who have participated in ‘the knockout game” and other forms of extreme violence against innocent people, actually feel that they are in the right!

Thus these reprobates thought it funny that an obviously special needs young man was crying and very afraid.

This is how they lost their soul.This is how they became possessed.

The left in this country has created this situation.

For their own profit, political and otherwise, Political leaders, from Obama all the way through the left,  are guilty of bearing false witness, inciting hatred, lying about America( the very least racist place in the whole world), classifying while groups of people into color blocks, “Whites” and “Blacks” , stripping away personal responsibility from some and heaping great loads of fake responsibility on others. Refusing to teach noble parts of American history, and exaggerating the ignoble parts, to the point where many African Americans, who live in a nation with a black president, black millionaires, and a thriving black middle class, still think it is 1922 as far as race relations go.

Perhaps we can find a way, not to be overcome of this evil, but to overcome evil with good.

We cannot categorize people into blocs, of “white” “black” and “hispanic”, as so many did when an obviously crazed Dylan Roof” shot and murdered a Pastor and several members of an African American Church.Dylan Roof did not represent the “inherent racism” of all White people, He was crazy, perhaps possessed as well, and acting as a free moral agent, responsible for his crime.

Even so, we must refuse the premise of racism. The truth is , there are no “races”. “of one blood He made us all”. We were all there in the garden with Adam and Eve, we all bear ‘the image of God’ and share in the fall of man.Only in Christ can we all be one for the foot of the cross is even. All of us have sinned and all of us can be redeemed.

These young people became demon possessed when, due to a toxic cultural stew of hatred, resentment, false witness, they succumbed their own humanity and opened themselves to evil itself. We should pray for them, and pray for America as well.

A lot of people are going to have to answer for this situation.






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