The Book

The Muslim World in Bible Prophecy

In this book, Pastor Bill Randles examines current events in the world today, particularly in the Middle East and throughout the wider Muslim world in light of the the prophecies of the Bible. Admittedly Islam is not mentioned by name in scripture, having come into existence in the 7th century ad. But as Pastor Bill Randles points out, that virtually all of the modern versions of the ancient neighbors of israel, are united in utter hatred for the recently reborn nation (May 1948). Furthermore they now have this also in common; they are united by religion, Islam. By updating the names of nations in the Hebrew prophecies, which are described as being at war with Israel and Israel’s God, Randles shows the stunning, up to date relevance of those prophecies. He also examines the prophecies concerning the future of the region, the fate of Egypt, Syria, Arabia and of course the climax of the book and of prophecy, a chapter titled, “Israel’s Final Conflict and Deliverance”. This book is a simple, easy to read overview of what the Holy Bible teaches about the Middle East and the end times.