Reviews for ‘A Sword on the Land’

‘A Sword On The Land, The Muslim World in Bible Prophecy’, by Pastor Bill Randles, is one of the best books on end-time prophecy I have encountered for a long time. It is concise, very readable and inexpensive. The chapters are short, dealing with a single subject each time. There is some repetition of truths, but that is not a fault, because it emphasises different applications of the same truth. Almost anybody could read and understand it; ‘technical’ theological language is kept to a minimum.

Bill examines the impact of Islam on the international scene, and especially on Israel, courteously yet unapologetically. He links one by one nations and personalities of the Old Testament with their 21st Century equivalents and demonstrates how what the Bible said long ago is amazingly relevant today. He explains from Scripture why so many otherwise incomprehensible alliances, enmities, rivalries and pressure groups have emerged. Where he is uncertain of an answer, he is unashamed to say so. Far too many writers try to gain kudos by claiming to know all the answers, and in the end discredit themselves and undermine the confidence of others in the infallibility of Holy Scripture. He traces the roots of latter day animosity and prejudice to the Patriarchs and their complex family relationships, showing how these were periodically picked up and amplified by the Major and Minor Prophets. He devotes five short chapters to different aspects of God’s dealings with the pagan prophet Balaam, and shows how God gave an insight well over three thousand years ago into the otherwise enigmatic, unbelievably intense hatred towards Israel of its neighbours. And there is much more.

This book does not deal with prophetic topics such as the timing of the Rapture or sequence of Tribulation events. All brands of Pre-Millennialists – Pre-, Mid- Post- etc will find it equally illuminating and uncontroversial. Amillennialists and Post-Millennialists, on the other hand, should be challenged to devote more time to the Signs of the Times, perhaps the greatest of modern spurs to evangelisation. Unbelievers may be touched by God’s Holy Spirit as they see massive evidence “that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men” (Dan 4:17), in order that ”in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever” (Dan 2:44). Neither Jew nor Muslim should be offended, because Bill makes it very clear in this book that salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ is still available to all.

- Donald CB Cameron (Dr)

This book, sub-titled, 'the Moslem World in Bible Prophecy' is a thorough examination of the role of Islam in end time events.

The author asks and answers the following questions, 'What are we to make of current explosive events in the Middle East"

What is the meaning of the Arab Spring and the unraveling of the post World War II order?

In order to answer these questions the writer digs deep into the history of the Arab nations examining ancient nations such as Ammon, Moab, Edom, Assyria, Babylon and Egypt. The fate of Damascus and Syria, highly topical to us today, is dealt with in a chapter of its own. Similarly there are chapters entitled, 'Libya's Prophetic Destiny', 'The Future of Turkey' and "What will happen to Israels' Neighbours'? All of them pointing to the relevance of his study.

Another chapter on 'Iran's demon Possessions' adds pieces to the prophetic jigsaw as do chapters on Gaza and the West Bank.

Likewise, the chapter entitled, 'Egypt's Fate' is of particular interest given what is happening in that land day in relation to the Moslem Brotherhood.

Bill Randles is well known for his clear stand against false prophets and subversive activities in the church scene today and in this book he also identifies that antichristian and antisemitic spirit which motivates many of the nations also many 'christian' leaders.

A very interesting read, biblically based and factually accurate. Well recommended.

-Rev Colin Le Noury

A sleeping church and a foolish world. Let us address the latter first. Bill Randles is one of those thinking authors who realize that the mainstream media spin the truth, and the politicians of all political parties invent the lies. A cademic institutions lend a false credence to the demonstrable lies.

Perhaps the biggest of these obvious lies today is the insidious claim that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance; a hideous proposition that no person of reasonable intelligence looking at the irrefutable evidence would believe. Yet, the biased media, godless governments, such as those in Washington and London, as well most anywhere else, and the left-leaning university establishment demand – and generally obtain – a compliant acceptance of a plain fallacy. These voices cannot point to a single Islamic country that gives Christians, or Jews, or women the same rights and freedom Moslems receive in Western countries, such as the USA, Britain & Europe, Australia, and Israel.

Absurdly, the same left-wing proponents of the feminist and homosexual & lesbian agendas conspicuously overlook the human rights record of women and homosexuals under Sharia and throughout the Moslem world in a level of hypocrisy that is difficult to rationally fathom.

Voltaire once defined history as “the lie everybody agrees upon.” However, in today’s world of unprincipled leaders like Cameron, Bush, Clinton, Blare, and Obama, and the editorialized reporting of events by CNN, the BBC, and the New York Times, and lowest-common-denominator popular entertainment like ‘The View’ and ‘Oprah,’ (or Barak Obama’s personal favorite, ‘the Pimp with a Limp’), the news has also now become “the lie that everyone agrees upon.”

Bill Randles also recognizes a trend even more disturbing, however. It is not what transpires in the secular world or its corridors of power, but what is transpiring, or perhaps better phrased as, “failing to transpire,” within what is suppose to be the Evangelical church.

We are in an age of the apostasy that scripture warned would come prior to the return of Jesus. There are many aspects of this apostasy, but one key aspect that Bill Randles is aware of is the growing obliviousness of so much of the contemporary, supposedly Evangelical, church to eschatology and the fulfillment of prophecy. Rick Warren deceives the church in direct defiance of the Olivet Discourse instructions of Jesus to be alert for the signs He gave, including the Jews returning to Israel and Jerusalem in Luke 21:24, Matthew 23:39, and in Zechariah chapter 12.  Yet as these much-predicted events unfold before our eyes, and the same nations at the center of events in scripture are at the center of global events today, Satan has moved to mislead and deceive the church through such false teachers as Rick Warren and supporter John Piper, who rejects the prophetic purposes of God for Israel and the Jews. Indeed, Warren urges Christians to avoid end-time prophecy as a diversion, and in his global peace plan, works to set the anti-Christ agenda to unite with worshippers of other gods (which Paul and Moses call demons), and other faiths, be it Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or otherwise, in order to usher in global peace.

We also see a trend among professing Evangelicals, including Stephen Sizer, Gary Burge, and Colin Chapman, to turn their backs on the persecuted church in the Islamic countries, and rather single out Israel criticism and opposition when Israel is the one nation in the Middle East protecting the human rights and religious freedom of its Christian population.

Meanwhile, the popular media and corrupt Western politicians and academics spoon feed the public the obvious lie that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, demanding in the name of political correctness that they cannot point to a single Islamic nation that will grant Christians and Jews the
same rights that Moslems are granted in the West; neither can they deny the staggering numbers of Moslems living in the West who openly admit their desire for Islamic Sharia over democracy.

God has a controversy with the Islamic Arab world and with Iran. In the books of Daniel, Isaiah. Jeremiah and in others we encounter the divine judgment that the Islamic world is going to encounter in retribution for Islam’s persecution of Christians and hatred of Israel and the Jews.

An avalanche of divine destruction is coming to the Islamic world, and God has promised that He will raise His hand against these countries and their governments. As Bill Randles additionally recognizes, however, “Judgment Begins In The House of God, and if the Righteous are scarcely saved, what shall become of the ungodly and the sinner?”

You will profit by this timely book.

- Forward by Jacob Prasch