The Author of A Sword on the Land

Pastor Bill Randles

pastor bill randles believers in grace marion iowaPastor Bill Randles is a Pastor, Bible Teacher and the author of 6 books. Through his books, he has addressed issues in the church such as False prophecy, The Toronto Blessing and The Apostolic Reformation.

Join us as Pastor Bill Randles takes us to the scriptures to show us that these events have a prophetic significance and point to the long prophesied "Day of the Lord" for all nations.

Pastor Bill Randles was born in 1959 and has served Believers in Grace Fellowship, a non-denominational church in Marion, Iowa, since 1982. He and his wife started the church ministry in their living room.

Pastor Bill and his wife, Kristin, live in Marion, Iowa. They have six children: two daughters, Dara and Anna, and four sons, Samuel, Marcus, Ian and Ezra. Their daughters are both married. Dara, the eldest has seven children, and Anna has five. (Their secret plan is to take over the world... shhhhhh!)

Pastor Bill Randles also keeps a blog on various topics and studies at

Believers in Grace Fellowship: a Non-Denominational Church in Marion, Iowa

Believers In Grace Church is a non-denominational family Bible fellowship located at 8600 C Avenue in Marion, Iowa. Their sole purpose is to serve God and to see souls saved by faith in Jesus Christ. Believers in Grace Ministries has multiple meetings that include Sunday service, youth group, men and women prayer gatherings.

They welcome all to join and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in each service. Though their heart reaches out to the world, as a non-denominational church ministry they are resolved to preach the Gospel truth, no matter how offensive it might be to the hearer. They firmly hold to the fact that the Church is not an invention of man, nor something you "have" or "go to"... it is a building made without human hands. We dare not adjust it to make it more palatable to this world which is so hostile to Christ. They see their church as an entity, not a program. As living stones, each member plays an integral and important role in the Body of Christ.

Many of their services and messages can be found on their website,

Believers in Grace Fellowship Church Marion Iowa 52302