Of Course I would do it again!…37th Anniversary

The following blog post was originally posted here: Of Course I would do it again!…37th Anniversary


There is no question about it, after 37 years, (as of today) and after 6 children and thirteen Grandchildren and even two great grandchildren, and through so many toils, dangers snares, as well as countless more joys and triumphs, if I were asked, knowing what I know now, “would you do it again? Would you marry Kristin Titcomb? ”

Absolutely! I couldn’t have found or chosen such a helpmeet, fellow laborer in Jesus, fighter in the trenches of life, patient sufferer, giving and loving wife and mother! Truly God gave her to me and I am so grateful for our years together. I love you Kristin!


Woman You are a Gift to me…



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