My One and Only Trump column…(I hope)

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I have a lot of friends and readers who are baffled by what they consider to be the misguided “evangelical Christian support” for Donald Trump in America.It doesn’t make sense, especially in the light of the recent appalling locker room comments , revealed by Trump’s enemies(and by God, for there is nothing hidden that won’t be brought to light and nothing secret that won’t be shouted from the housetops!) . It just doesn’t make sense that although Trump is so manifestly immoral, Evangelicals would stick by him, even when the ‘brave’ leadership of the Republican party runs for the tall grass.

I get that it might be baffling to some, , seeing that it has become very obvious that Trump is (or has been) a base, vile, crude and immoral man, about as far from being Christian in the evangelical sense as any candidate that ever ran, to my knowledge.

What’s going on here?  Is this the sign of the total decline of American Christianity, and an omen that evangelicals in America are strongly deluded?

Mind you I am on no way trying to push Trump or to justify him in any way nor do I think Trump can save America or stave off the judgment that we deserve. All I want to do is give some perspective and clear up a few false assumptions.Also I assure you I don’t think I can speak for all Christians, not to mention all evangelicals.

America is a very political place, partly because we have a system of government that in theory says that everybody has a say, and partly because we have undergone a long social revolution which wrested influence from the former Judeo Christian worldview and is in the process of enthroning Atheism and its ‘morality’ and tenants upon the nation , once founded by Puritans.

Since in theory we all have a say in government, Christians also take politics seriously. We have in my lifetime had the “religious right”, the “moral Majority” the “Tea Party” ,  Operation rescue, the pro life movement, etc etc etc, all attempts to coutner and staunch the tide of secular humanism (atheism) as it rolled up one victory after another in American life.

There have been no referendums on most of these appalling advances, such as abortion or so called “gay marriage”. These have been for the most part imposed upon as by activist judges.

The reason a bombastic character like Trump has arisen,(Humanly speaking) is because the Republican Party has so betrayed its base, in breath taking terms, time and again, particularly since the rise of Obama, promising to restrain his absolute trashing of what is left of the constitution,  promising to cut spending and to staunch the tidal wave of third world immigrants which bring crime, unemployment and low wages all across America.

In the last two off elections(non Presidential) the Republican party gained 1000 seats in State and Federal government, by running n a platform of stopping Obama. Immediately in nearly every case Republican officeholders turned right around within days of the election and handed Obama budgets with no restraints on the programs they promised to defund!

There was a star lineup of fine professional politicians who ran in the Presidential Republican primary, the who’s who of “conservatives” 16 strong, and Trump, one of the least characters in America, for various reasons which have become evident.

Trump is not a politician, nor a theologian, he is not pretending to be an evangelical(As Gore and the Clintons and Jimmy Carter did), in fact he is openly and unashamedly a pretty worldy guy. He uses profanity, has a checkered past and is not pretending either to be a “poor man” who made it big.( I am praying for him regardless of the election result).

How did Trump triumph over 16 “A-team” conservative Republicans? He spoke some sense and without the usual political couching of terms. He promised to stop the flow of Mexican (illegal) immigration. He promised to stop the flow of Muslims(Obama brought in 1 million in 8 years!). Sorry but it is obvious to all but the politicians, wherever Muslims go in the thousands, so also does violence, terror and mayhem. He promised to defend Freedom of religion.

The others may have been conservative but they didn’t get the level of anger and feeling of abject betrayal Republicans, conservative, and evangelicals have felt over the last twenty years. Cruz, Rubio and the rest all postured as  every other conservative politician has done, mouthing platitudes about Reagan, the good old days, the need for spending restraint, but at the same time accepting the status quo of unlimited immigration, acceptance without question of Islamic immigrants, and the globalist presuppositions which undergird trade, immigration and defense.

They thought of this election as just another “Conservative vs Liberal battle” which they would conduct using Roberts rules of order, while the left brings a switchblade to the debate. The Republicans are the “good guys” , never stooping to answering to calumnies of the Right, the constant use of the term racist to describe their constituencies, and the paralysis while the left takes our nation down the gutter.

But Trump fights all of that, rejecting political correctness( which is a culturally toxic force here), and not apologizing for wanting to pursue American interests.

Consider the contrast;

Hillary: Christians must change their Religion

Who could blame Christians for not wanting more of Obama’s destructive policies? IT IS EASY FOR THOSE OUTSIDE TO JUDGE AND CRITICIZE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA, accusing them of idolatry and compromise for supporting Trump, but would you leave us to Hillary? A career criminal, a psychotic warmonger(Libya) who boasted of Gaddafi’s death? No Christian I know thinks Trump is christian, but even Caesar received the prayers of the Jews in the days before Christ. I know of no Christian who actually thinks Trump can save America. It is a simple choice of a career criminal or a very crude man with a checkered past who seems to be leveling with us and understands some of the frustrations here.

I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, nor do I know if Trump will end up being a beast himself, once in power, ( It could happen, who knows?). I dii think tat what Trump has been used to expose here very plainly is the fact that there really is a “ruling elite” at the top opt American society, composed of Democrats and Republicans, who do   not mind at all the downward direction this country has taken, as long as their power remains intact. Evidently there is little or no difference between Bushes and Clintons. Who knew?

Trump doesn’t seem to be  one of them, and it seems they fear him. He may be something worse, or something better, or he may be a man in transition, but I hope you understand why many rally around him in spite of his obvious flaws.

We have gone beyond the tired old “conservative/liberal” schism in this nation, we are now at the “Nationalist/ Globalist” level, and who can blane Christians for wanting to retain some semblance of the nation they once knew?

I know, that our Kingdom is not of this world, and politics will not save us, only Jesus can do so, please pray for America and the Christian remnant in that idolatrous, backslidden country.

Praise God Jesus is coming back so soon! Maranatha!

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