Is Trump A Savior? Thoughts on My Most Recent Post…

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Due to the fact that I have been very wrongly and unfairly accused by a few of “puffing Trump”, and believing that “Trump is a Savior”, I think a brief clarification is in order.

I do not, nor have I ever thought Donald Trump to be some kind of a Savior. The only Savior of the USA and of all mankind is the Messiah, Jesus Christ the Lord, who died on the cross to free us from our sins, their power, penalty and corruptive influence.

Having said that,(again) , I have to say that I like many others, have been immensely relieved and gratified to not have to live out the “Hillary Clinton Presidency”. Whew!!!! The Harm done to our nation by Bush, Clinton and then Obama, would only have been compounded by the election of Hillary. I do not feel in the least bit sorry for rejoicing in the downfall of those career criminals.

It could turn out that Trump proves worse, more destructive and who knows, He  could  be the Anti-Christ? We just don’t know yet. He could also be a Cyrus, who knows?

My last post merely made the point that after the first week of office, I have marveled at the speed, efficiency and workmanlike attack on our nation’s manifold problems, most notably the Islamic Refugee calamity, inflicted on us by our previous leaders.

Trump, being a businessman, and having had to meet payrolls, knows that the best way to solve the problem would be to locate the refugees of Syria closer to Syria, and that we could save billions of dollars, and very much destabilization of the nation, just by creating safe places in the Middle East.

Trump merely picked up a phone and called the Saudis, and lo and behold, made deal with King Salmon, who pledged to help in the endeavor and even contribute money towards it. This is the same Saudi King who shares the murderous religion of those refugees but who wouldn’t lift a finger to help them, not admitting one of them into his own vast and wealthy nation.

This is the first full week of work for Trump. It makes me wonder, what were the other presidents doing all of the time? Or perhaps, how beholden were they to the Saudis? Thats all I said.

I have no idea what will happen with Trump,  he is obviously a sinner,(Like me), and yes I know he has a notorious false teacher attached to his administration. That would be Paula White, a Word Faith heretic and opportunist, deeply embedded in the Trump administration. I am well aware of this, and of the danger of this. It is consistent with Trump’s earliest spirituality, which is Norman Vincent Peale’s positive thinking heresy.

The fact that I marveled at Trump’s efficiency on one single problem in no ways means that I , (who have long stood against the NAR, Manifested Sons heretics) am now oblivious to the spiritual dangers of Paula White.

We have to quit playing ‘gotcha’ , in the name of discernment! If we bite and devour one another,we will one day be consumed one of another.

My other cause for criticism was that I attached a Stefan Molyneaux video , which was entitled,”Did Trump Just Save Western Civilization?”. I gave a disclaimer, that the man doesn’t take the prophecies into account and that I don’t agree with all that he says.

Molyneaux is a Philosopher, actually an Atheist, who has been slowly realizing,(I think since 9-11) that Western Civilization is now imperiled, due to the insanity of unchecked immigration from the Muslim World.  He has actually admitted that his earlier harsh criticisms against Christianity have been wrong, and is beginning to see, that much of the beauty and freedom which is heritage of the West is due to Christianity.

Obviously I don’t agree with ll of his viewpoints, but  as I have tried to get across to one of my critics, ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day’.  I merely shared a little Molyneaux clip, in which he excitedly made similar observations to my own, about Trump’s “immigration ban”.

Though he is at present an atheist, Molyneaux is also a person made in the very image of God and capable of some reasonable thought, right? I have been praying for Stefan Molyneaux, I actually like him and empathize with many of his concerns. (Don’t worry, I haven’t defected, I think Jesus would want us to pray for any Atheist!).

He made more of it than I, hoping that we had reached a turning point to the insanity, should Trump succeed in cutting off the flow of Islamic immigration, it could one day be seen as the moment when the tide was turned and the West saved itself.

As I said in my previous article, He doesn’t know what we know by revelation, that is the prophecies and the nearness of the Lord’s return, and the inevitable judgments coming upon the West. Therefore, though some of what he says is sane and reasonable, I do not believe Trump’s actions will save anything.

It is therefore unfair for anyone to infer from this that I am a false teacher, and am defecting or “worshipping Trump” or any of the other ridiculous and unfair accusations which have been publicly leveled at me. God knows everything.

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