God is Exposing our Shame…(America)

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Behold, I am against thee, saith the LORD of hosts; and I will discover thy skirts upon thy face, and I will shew the nations thy nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame.And I will cast abominable filth upon thee, and make thee vile, and will set thee as a gazing stock.(Nahum 3:5-6)

Can this obscene parody of an election sink any lower? ( I am afraid to ask…).

Could it be that America is undergoing the judgment spoken of in Nahum?

Our politicians, the “Elite class” who have selfishly constructed a system for themselves, (through unbelievably reckless levels of immigration),and to insulate themselves from any accountability,”of the people and by the people” that they were elected to serve, are being exposed for the hypocritical degenerates that they truly are.

I need not go into the obscene antics of the Clintons, who like a very bad disease contracted in a reckless, national fling, just never seem to go away. In our first outbreak of “Clinton” , they covered America in soot, forced parents to have very uncomfortable talks with their children, and “normalized” an act of Sodomy.

Now we are on the verge of another deeper case of “Clinton” , as Hillary ascends to power, after destroying our national relationship with Russia, utterly destroying the nation of Libya and wrecking the Middle East as secretary of State.

But who do people turn to for leadership?(Humanly speaking)?

In sheer desperation and out of a desire to free ourselves of the same cabal of self serving degenerates who basically laid down for Obama, Donald Trump emerged, promising sane things, such as enforcing our national borders, and fighting back when China and others rob us in trade deals, in short, “Making America Great again” by good old fashion pursuit of our National interests,(get it? Nationalism).

Everyone here fully knows he was a rogue, a “sexist”, and at times a very crude man who is prone to the use of foul language and who comes right out of the godless “playboy” world of New York city.

But he actually produced things people would want and he made a payroll and put many people to work in real jobs.(This is how bad it is here…it is hard to see a great nation destroyed by self serving hypocrites).

I am not justifying him, I am only showing you how desperate for sanity in Government people are here.

Now we get this release of an eleven year old conversation between Trump , and of all people Billy Bush, the President’s nephew. It is so vile and demeaning and embarrassingly crude it is hard to even relate to.

The Left will see to it that this awful moment of vulgarity will crowd out the fact that this nation is being menaced by an aggressive Russia, that Hillary pledges to bring in a million Syrian refugees,and that the Clinton foundation was “benefitted” by the sale of 20 percent of our nation’s Uranium to Russia, under Hillary’s secretary of State gig. Oh,by the way , did I mention the fact that Hillary was responsible for a gruesome massacre of our ambassador to Libya and three embassy personnel?

What comes next? Video tapes, long suppressed, emerge of Obama speaking in racist and identically sexist language to a crowd somewhere, further revelations of the Clintons, then other suppressed proofs of “Tu Qoque” arguments, (Tu Qoque means “You do it too”), and out will come the full revelation of just how corrupt our “elite leadership” has truly been.

For example- this from The American Thinker-

The premier arts center in the nation’s capital is named for a man who would have sex with anything that had breasts and a pulse, including a mobster’s daughter and an East German spy, whose brother probably had Marilyn Monroe murdered, and whose other brother got an employee drunk, drove her into a river and left her to drown.

The former “conscience of the Senate” was a former klansman, and pretty much every public building in his state is named for him.

The husband of the current Democrat candidate for President (and a former President himself) settled a lawsuit for sexual harassment against a former employee, sodomized an intern in the Oval Office, and had about a million other sordid affairs, while his wife the current candidate used her taxpayer-paid staff to shred the reputations of her husband’s victims.

All of those things happened while the criminals in question actually held high office.

 (Republican White Togas at Work for the Queen of Sleaze)

God is judging us, He is exposing our shame, and letting us see where this “experiment” in relativism and humanistic thinking has taken us.There was a time when politicians at least pretended to be Christian, and some actually were.

Wasn’t it the Republican Party which told it’s loyal Evangelical Christian base to keep their own morality out of politics? Didn’t they eschew the “moral majority” and treat them like bastards? How do they like what they are left with?

But now we will be treated to the fake outrage at Trump’s vile comment,  by people who saw no problem at all with Bill C;linton’s Predations, and with Obama “homosexualizing “the military, and who really didn’t object in any meaningful way to the perversion foisted on schools and communities in the transgender bathroom fiasco!

Hypocrites! Blind Guides! These are the Blind leading the blind into Hell itself! Those who put any trust in them will be sorely disappointed. People cannot imagine that this once great country could ever be destroyed, but it will and not very long from now.

America is on the very precipice of destruction. Our enemies are circling because they smell blood in the water , as they watch this travesty. We are twisted in our thinking! Homosexuals and degenerates are running this country now. Muslim adversaries have v=been put in prominent positions and the only thing   that keeps us afloat is the mercy of God himself.

(I can’t believe this is happening, it is surreal. But I do believe this is happening! Help us, Oh my God!)

Turn to Jesus quickly and break off of your sins everybody, especially your secret sins, for they present the greatest danger to your souls. God is exposing all of this in mercy. Turn to him who forgives and is slow to anger and of great mercy. Turn to the one who loved you and died for your sins!“Seek you the LORD while He can be found and call upon him while he is near!”.


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