A Note To My Anonymous Editor…

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Dear reader, I am not trying to be dramatic or publishing this for any other effect than for the sake of outreach. I have been experiencing anonymous “edits” of some of my blogposts, posted back to me , with no return address other than “the Editor”.   The ‘edits’ come also with quite a bit of spiteful commentary. This has gone a step further, because now  this “editor”has resorted to contacting church members by mail, and even  leafletting our var park on a Wednesday Evening service. Pray for whoever this is, that we can talk and work this out- Pas Bill


Dear Editor, I would love to be able to discuss a few issues with you in person or at least by mail, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to put a return address on any of your missives, and when one of our elders saw you in the Car Park, you were in such a hurry to get away you dropped your copies of my blog.

I want first of all to thank you. It is obvious that you must have a love for proper grammer and punctuation,  both of which I have often been guilty of falling short of. Your edits are actually helpful to me, so in that manner you have been a kind of a friend, dispensing tough love to me. I need it. I have not been formally educated, therefore I consider myself a continual undergraduate.

Another thing you help me with is, to see myself through someone else’s eyes. I even consider your charges that I am hateful, biased and unloving, as worthy of consideration. I don’t want to so much as come across as any of that. I don’t think you really understand where I am coming from, but I certainly have been considering your charges, so thanks for that also.

I have one complaint. I like to do things in the light, I do not prefer darkness. Why don’t you come out of the shadows Editor, and lets talk as men, in the light?  I have found that those who hide in the dark, and who leave no return address or any way to communicate after they say hard things, come across as ‘creepy”, dark and even deceitful.

Come on out in the open Editor, communicate with me. I don’t pretend to be “All knowing, or infallible”. I have benefitted much by criticism over the years, lets do this as men, in the light! The Bible tells us to “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them….”   Your grateful but baffled friend, Pas Bill

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